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Just Between Us: Australians writers tell the truth about female friendship

Empathetic, supportive and respectful…

Or competitive, manipulative and downright bitchy?

Or somewhere in between?

In Just Between Us, a host of Australia’s best-loved female writers bare all on this age-old quandary: Are female friendships all-natural and nurturing? Or are some more damaging than delightful? And most of all, what happens when female relationships go off the rails? And who is to blame? While falling in and out of romantic love is a well-documented experience, losing a friend rarely gets discussed. Which doesn’t mean the pain is less – quite the opposite, as we discover in this extraordinary collection of heartfelt fiction and non-fiction works edited by Miriam Sved, Maggie Scott, Christie Nieman, Maya Linden and Natalie Kon-yu.

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‘These stories will make you laugh, or cry or grimace, depending on your own experiences and self-awareness.’

Diana Carroll, The Sydney Morning Herald

© Miriam Sved